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Basic information about Hotel Hubert:

Hotel Hubert**** is located in mountain foothills of High Tatra mountains, directly underneath its highest peak – Gerlach. The area is by many visitors considered to be among the most beautiful and prominent in the whole High Tatra range. The is surrounded by nature from all sides outlooking High Tatras, Poprad valley and mountain range of  Low Tatras with its dominant peak Kralova hola – Kingstop

titulna1The hotel is on southern hillside of High Tatra on the temperature inversion line (under this imaginary line a layer of warm air pushes down clouds) which regularly occurs just under the hotel, ensuring the best climatic conditions and a picturesque sight. South from the hotel lies a large meadow, on which it is possible to watch wild animals as deers, roes, boards, foxes and storks almost every day, especially at dawns and at dusks. In autumn, the deer mating season, it is very common to hear From that reason was hotel named after patron of hunters – Saint Hubert.

Hubert was a boheme. He loved to hunt, to love and to feast. He caught lots of wildlife till one day. He was hunting a deer, when revealed to him deer that has cross of fire in between his antlers. The deer asked him in human voice: Why are you hunting me, Hubert? This struck Hubert so much, that his life turned around and became humble and pious. From a bohéme he turned to a priest and eventually became a bishop.
The representation of this story is captured on beautiful painted triptych, which hangs on the wall in hotel vestibule, directly opposite of the entrance.  The chapel which is located in hotel area by the pond is also dedicated to Saint Hubert.

The architecture of hotel is worth of wonder too. There are many of obvious or less noticeable pyramids, where are hardly to be missed. According to psychotropic, in whole area where hotel stands and his surroundings, does not exist a pathogenic zone, but there is strong positive energy.
Hotel Hubert has all that, what mountain –tatra-spa should have: tatra clime, amazing fresh air, mountain sun, rehabilitation. Even more it has clear, quite environment, fresh own water from 90m well, animals farm, which brings happiness and joy to everyone, mostly children.
It has unique atmosphere thank to not only architecture but to organization of services, stuff members
and its characteristic charisma. Mostly all visitors find great serenity, calmness, peace, wellness and during short period of time they recharge energy they need.

We wish to our  guest, who stop for coffee or stay for holiday, to feel comfortable, contented and happy with us.

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