Animation program

In our hotel are regularly organized animation programs for children and adults.

Here is a sample of actions already held:

Bandit attack:

Bandits suddenly invade a celebration, wedding or simply any time when they see that we get more people. Do you think they will loot? Nobody knows, but if someone offers them a shot of alcohol, they start to sing, dance and play the fujara and the whistles. They would like to teach you their hat dance, play the fujara and their impressive”valaškový” dance. One of them, called Hrajnoha waves the whip, producing thunder-like sounds.

Recently looting turned to free entertainment, bandits danced all girls, drank and sang together …


On Haloween all the spirits and ghosts from the area gather in our Hotel. And why? To scare our dear children? Of course not 🙂 They help them to carve pumpkins, make magic candle holders, helping to search for long hidden treasure, compete with them for scary prices, or dance with children in a large mask disco. You will not experience a Halloween like that in any other hotel!

St.Nicholas holiday:

St. Nicholas will surprise every children staying at our hotel. He always gives them a small gift and is very pleased when his children sing or recite.